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Fitavest is a herbal drop containing 5 natural ingredients consisting of nut grass bulbs, tomatoes, carrots, white soybeans and black soybeans that are processed biotechnologyally beneficial for maintaining health.
Fitavest is produced by PT Harvest Gorontalo Indonesia, a traditional medicine industry that has an operational license, CPOTB certified or how to produce traditional medicines that are good or equivalent to GMP (good manufacturing products) from BPOM, which guarantees the safety, quality and efficacy of the products produced. . Fitavest has pocketed a MUI halal certificate, which is renewed every 2 years. Fitavest has conducted a content test in a standardized laboratory, PT Saraswanti Indogenetech, so as to produce various kinds of micronutrients that are beneficial to body health
The ingredients used in fitavest are 100% natural ingredients without a mixture of chemicals or preservatives in them. The nutritional content of investment consists of micronutrients and macronutrients consisting of carbohydrates and micronutrient proteins, including:

1. Amino Acid

2. Fatty acids

3. Vitamins

4. Minerals
Based on these contents, in addition to maintaining health benefits, Fitavest too
nutritious :
1. Maintaining health Fitavest helps increase endurance by producing antibodies and immunoglobulin, and helps the metabolic processes in the body.
2. Help recovery of disease Fitavest helps restore degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus by controlling glucose in the body, hypertension by supplying potassium which functions to decrease and control blood pressure, prevent stroke and maintain heart health. 3. Helps maintain skin health Fitavest helps increase collagen production in the body, so it is beneficial for maintaining skin elasticity, prevent wrinkles, and protect skin due to exposure to free radicals. In addition, Fitavest also helps the wound healing process, such as injuries due to trauma, post surgery, or other open wounds. 4. Helps maintain reproductive health Fitavest is beneficial for maintaining women's reproductive health, helps regulate hormones, smooth and overcome menstrual pain. 5. Helps maintain men's health Fitavest helps maintain prostate health in men. 6. Helps the development of children's brain nutrition Fitavest helps improve brain concentration and function, acting as a neutransmitter which connects the brain and all neural networks in the body and control functions body. 7. Helps maintain healthy bones and teeth Fitavest promotes healthy bones and teeth and regenerates muscles and cells in the body.

Fitavest is safe for consumption by babies aged 6 months and over, pregnant and nursing mothers, and adults. If you are taking a doctor's medicine, take fitavest 1 hour before taking the doctor's medicine.

Can be consumed 5 drops 3 times a day, drop in half a glass of clear water regularly before meals for optimal results.


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