Soman 2 Concentrate
The development of formula from the previous generation of SoMan 1, SoMan 2 Concentrate has double composition from SoMan 1

New Product SoMan 2 Concentrate

SoMan 2 Concentrate contains 39 natural ingredients consisting of fruits, vegetables and herbs which are formulated in bio-technology which have beneficial effects on the body in helping to maintain health.


SoMan 2 Concentrate is made from natural raw materials which contains 39 natural ingredients consisting of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Composition of ingredients in SOMAN:

1. Morinda Citrifolia Fructus - Noni
2. Garcinia Mangostana - Mangosteen
3. Averrhoa Carambola Fructus - Star Fruit 
4. Wuluh Averrhoa Bilimbi Fructus - Carambola 
5. Daucus Carotta Tuber - Carrots 
6. Carica Papaya Fructus - Papaya
7. Solanum Melongena Fructus - Purple Eggplant 
8. Goroho Musa Acuminafe Fructus - Banana 
9. Momordica Charantia Fructus - Pare
10. Apium Graveolens Herba - Celery 
11. Soalnum Tuberosum Tuber - Potatoes 
12. Pandanus Conoideus Fructus - Red Fruit 
13. Citrus Maxima Fructus - Grapefruit 
14. Solanum Lycopersicum - Tomato 
15. Eagle Marmelos Fructus - Maja Fruit 
16. Pyrus Malus Fructus - Malang Apple 
17. Citrus Ichangensis Swingle Fructus - Chinese Citrus
18. Ananas Camosus Fructus - Pineapple
19. Persea Americana Fructus - Avocado
20. Mangifera Indica Fructus - Mango 
21. Ipomoea Batatas Tuber - Sweet Potatoes 
22. Ochimum Sanctum Folium - Basil 
23. Hylocereus costaricencis fructus - Dragon Fruit
24. Actinidia deliciosa fructus - Kiwi
25. Amaranthus Tricolor Folium - Spinach
26. Vitis Vinivera Fructus - Grapes
27. Brassica Chinensis - Chicory
28. Annona Muricata Fructus - Soursop
29. Alium Sativum Bulbus - Garlic
30. Ciperus Rotundus Rhizoma - Manggata Bulbs
31. Eurycomae Lingifolia Radix - Earth Pegs
32. Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flos - Rosella
33. Cinnamomi Burmami Cortex - Cinnamon
34. Nigella Sativa Semen - Black Cumin
35. Max Semen - Soybean Glycine
36. Curcuma Zedoaria Rhizoma - Temu putih
37. Cassia Alata Folium - Chinese plate
38. Aqua Cocos - Coconut water
39. Phaseolus Vulgaris - Kidney Beans

SoMan 2 Concentrate is formulated with modern technology to produce nutritious compounds to maintain endurance.


SoMan 2 Concentrate has a pH level of up to 9+ which is able to ward off disease and maintain health, also helps regenerate cells in the body, nourish and nourish cells for optimal function.

The mechanism of Soman Concentrate in the process of health care is by supplying sufficient oxygen and nutrients to all body cells so that it allows cells to work optimally which causes the creation of a healthy cell condition.

Soman Concentrate is the right choice to meet the nutritional needs of daily cells for you and your beloved family.

It is necessary to consume SoMan 2 Concentrate which is packaged practically, easy to serve, without preservatives. Simply drop it into 100ml of water with a dose of 10 drops 3 times a day: morning, noon and night. Should be consumed on an empty stomach (before eating).


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